Selsey Wellbeing Services

Psychological Support

A support group for those who might be concerned about their mental health. 'It's OK not to be OK' offers a sympathetic environment where individuals can be directed to professional counselling or other appropriate support. 

In partnership with professional Adult Counselling Services across West Sussex and Hampshire, our Counselling Service  is available on select days and evenings during the week.

All referrals to:


A Bereavement Support service is now offered at the Selsey Care Shop.  It also offers an introduction to the befriending services and activities that the shop provides and which might be helpful for those suffering a bereavement.

  Details of our current wellbeing services can be found below. If you wish to know more about any of these free services,

you can watch the video or contact the Selsey Care Shop at 121 High St or telephone 01243 201616.

Help with Completing Forms

Help with those difficult Attendance Allowance, Carers Allowance, Blue Badge and other application forms. 

Bereavement Support

Family Support

Mediation and Mentoring

Supporting families with parenting issues including behaviour, anxiety and anger management. Mental Health support both for a parent's wellbeing or for parents worried about children and young people's mental health. Support for couples where conflicting parenting styles cause difficulties.

We can sign-post those seeking effective treatment for addiction to Rehab 4 Addiction; more details can be found here

One-to-one mediation and mentoring offers assistance in identifying support that might be helpful with such matters as family issues, parenting, bereavement, carer support, abuse,

or dementia issues. If we cannot help, we will find an organisation that can.

Support for Addiction

Debt Advice

In partnership with Frontline Debt Advice, we can offer a range

of financial advice; more details can be found here