Sponsors & Funding

We are also introducing packages whereby someone can sponsor an activity or event - some examples are:

£125 for any activity up to half a day; £500 for 4 weeks activity like Sing Your Heart Out; £500 for a day like Together Time;

£550 to cover a day in The Care Shop; £500 to cover an edition of our newsletter - those sponsoring an edition of our newsletter will have a front page banner on that edition acknowledging their contribution and will have space to include an advertorial. 


It is generally recognised that sponsors and donors will respond to requests for something tangible, will appreciate options and will welcome visibility.  To this end, we are working on this new page on our website which will be regularly updated and which will identify those who have supported the Selsey Community Forum. Recent donations and sponsorship are listed here.

 Our newsletter and social media platform will continue to report on new donations of money or in-kind contributions.

This is a work-in-progress so watch this space for further updates.  Please let us know if you are interested in any of these options.

This page is currently being updated in line with our new Sponsorship Policy.

We have often reported on the amazing support we are so fortunate to receive from local businesses as well as individuals, be it cash donations, in-kind contributions or other help or resources. We are also very grateful to all the funding bodies which continue to recognise the good work we do in the community and award us accordingly.  We have decided to update our policy in these matters so that we can better acknowledge all this wounderful sponsorship that enables us to continue to do our work.

We do have a continuing need for funding and all contributions are most welcome. If you would like to make a donation, you can do so here:




If you wouild like to become a Supporter of Selsey Community Forum, you can find out more here.


If you are interested in leaving a legacy to help us be there for others,

please see our leaflet here.