Selsey Dementia Action Alliance


An initiative was taken in March 2017 to develop Selsey as a dementia-friendly community. A working goup was set up by Selsey Community Forum to listen to local people and arrange a Showcase Event of local services. After the success

of the event, a decision was taken to form the Selsey Dementia Action Alliance,

which is now registered with

the Alzheimer's Society

and the National Dementia Action Alliance

The Selsey Dementia Action Alliance is part of Forget-Me-Not, a project to create and sustain Selsey as a truly dementia-friendly community.

In partnership with local people with dementia and their carers, and drawing on the expertise of those professionally involved with dementia, our aims are to:

-   Educate all sections of the local community in an understanding of dementia      and in the need for understanding, compassion, kindness and patience.

-   Listen to people with dementia so that we can devise solutions to gaps in

    local services and activities so they can continue to be part of the community.

-   Encourage partnership working so that overlap is minimised and services

    are provided effectively and efficiently.

-   Seek 'best practice' by applying initiatives from other, similar organisations.

-   Involve local groups which can contribute in any way to meeting our aims.

If you are local to Selsey and are interested in being involved in any way, please contact us.

Selsey Dementia Action Alliance now has around twenty-five members including local councils, charities, churches,  businesses, health

organisations, voluntary groups and individuals; it has an impressive list of achievements and a rolling action plan for the future.

You can learn more about dementia from the Alzheimer's Society, the NHS and Carers Support West Sussex.  In addition, the Alzheimer's Society run a National Dementia Helpline.  

Selsey Care Shop runs a programme of bereavement and other counselling services

as well as various kinds of support and information sessions related to dementia.


If you are concerned about anything you have read or seen about dementia, either about yourself or someone else, you should talk to your doctor or encourage them to talk to theirs.  

- working in partnerships across the Manhood Peninsula