Selsey to Chichester Cycle Route

Riding a bike on the road between Selsey and Chichester is,

to put it mildly, downright dangerous. The B2145 is a daunting challenge because it is narrow and carries a great deal of traffic, some of it very large lorries. Unfortunately, the existing cycle route is excellent for off-road cycling but not suitable for road-going commuters because of the surface and the roundabout distance involved. The Selsey Cycle Network was formed a number of years ago and Selsey Community Forum has been at the forefront in advocating a direct cycle route between Selsey and Chichester which is safe and no further in distance than the B2145. In addition to the benefits this would bring to the cycling fraternity, there are also benefits to road users with fewer cyclists causing traffic congestion. A professional study has established that there is a feasible off-road route but there are land ownership, engineering, and funding issues to be resolved. These issues are being addressed - a progress report is here.