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Depending on the circumstances, and on those involved, befriending can take many forms - it can simply be visits to a housebound person and a friendly chat over a cup of tea, or perhaps involve outings for pleasure or to attend hospital or other appointments.  It also includes supporting functions intended to promote social interaction and friendliness.  Whatever the circumstances, Selsey Care Shop's

trained and DBS-cleared volunteers are happy to give their time

and friendship to appreciative and otherwise lonely people. 

Now into its sixth year, 'Good Morning Selsey' offers a daily phone call to those who might appreciate a friendly chat or could be vulnerable or housebound. 'Good Morning Selsey' has proved very successful, not only in offering the opportunity for a chat

each day, but also in alerting to the need for immediate or other assistance when the need has arisen.

If you, or someone you know, would like to take advantage of these free schemes, or you would like to help in befriending, please get in touch.