Selsey Community Forum
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In a relatively isolated seaside town, Selsey Community Forum is a partnership of local voluntary organisations which, in cooperation with the statutory and commercial sectors, seeks to identify and meet local needs.

We also aim to guard the financial health of our local voluntary organisations by continually seeking new sources of funding.

Over the past seven years, while helping to develop the Selsey Community Plan, the forum has been involved as a partner in starting and sustaining over one hundred new activities and organisations. Significant examples have been Manhood Internet Radio, a Flood Action Group, the Community Christmas Lunch, the Selsey Youth Network and Forget-Me-Not (Selsey’s Dementia-Friendly Community Project).

Our current major projects are the Selsey Care Shop, Selsey Dementia Action Alliance (SDAA), and a planned cycle route from Selsey to Chichester. In addition, we are proud to administer the awards process for the Ferry Farm Community Grant Fund. You can see details of our current activities, our partners and find our news, together with other items of interest, in our newsletter Senior Selsey News.

Selsey Community Forum Trust is Registered Charity No 1156460.

It is currently managed by a board

of eight trustees, all of whom bring

wide experience to their roles.

We have received significant funding over the last six years and are most grateful to all our sponsors.

We have six part-time employees, working a total of about fifty hours each week. Other than that, our efforts are magnificantly supported by

around 80 volunteers.


Membership of the forum is open to all charitable and voluntary organisations operating in Selsey. If your organisation is not currently represented, you are most welcome to join us at our regular meetings.

You can view notes of the last meeting and our last Annual Report.